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Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical - Book by Joe Tracz and Music and Lyrics by Rob Rokicki, adapted from the book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan - Directed by Chris Byrne - 6/1/2024 - 6/16/2024

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Hillsboro Artists' Regional Theatre presents: 

Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical  Book by Joe Tracz, Music and Lyrics by Rob Rokicki, adapted from the book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.
Directed by Chris Byrne.


As the half-blood son of a Greek god, Percy Jackson has newly-discovered powers he can't control, a destiny he doesn't want, and a mythology textbook's worth of monsters on his trail. When Zeus's master lightning bolt is stolen and Percy becomes the prime suspect, he has to find and return the bolt to prove his innocence and prevent a war between the gods. But to succeed on his quest, Percy will have to do more than catch the thief. He must travel to the Underworld and back; solve the riddle of the Oracle, which warns him of betrayal by a friend; and come to terms with the father who abandoned him. Adapted from the best-selling book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan and featuring a thrilling original rock score, The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical is an action-packed mythical adventure "worthy of the gods" (Time Out New York).


Aidan Colvin: Percy Jackson
Alison Luey:
Sally Jackson/Echidna
Cody Burkett:
Ares/Camper/Kurt Cobain/Train Conductor
Evan Fenner:
Mr. D/Gabe/Newscaster
Jessica Goodhue:
Aunty Em/Mrs. Dodds/Oracle/Squirrel
Jordyn Pounders:
Katie Gardner/Camper/Greyhound Passenger
Lindsay Reed:
Charon/Janis Joplin/Bianca
Logan Pounders:
Camper/Bus Driver/Farmer/Mozart/Understudy Percy Jackson
Lydia Lausche:
Silena Beauregard/Camper/Greyhound Passenger/Understudy Annabeth
Malcolm Armstrong:
Luke/Minotaur/James Brown
Ricky Tannoury:
Sarah Baglin:
Samuel Hawkins:
Mr. Brunner/Chiron/Hades/Poseidon/Kronos
Sydney Timm:



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Hillsboro Artists' Regional Theatre Presents: Light Opera of Portland's Iolanthe ~ by W.S. Gilbert, Music by Arthur Sullivan. ~ Directed by Laurence Cox. ~ 7/19/2024 - 8/4/2024

Hillsboro Artists' Regional Theatre presents: 

Light Opera of Portland's Iolanthe ~ by W.S. Gilbert, Music by Arthur Sullivan. ~ Directed by Laurence Cox.


Iolanthe, or The Peer and the Peri, opened at the Savoy Theatre on November 25, 1882, three nights after the final performance of Patience at the same theatre, and ran for 398 performances.

Gilbert had taken pot shots at the aristocracy before, but in this "fairy opera," the House of Lords is lampooned as a bastion of the ineffective, privileged and dim-witted. The political party system and other institutions also come in for a dose of satire. Yet, both author and composer managed to couch the criticism among such bouncy, amiable absurdities that it is all received as good fun.

Both Gilbert and Sullivan were at the height of their creative powers in 1882, and many people feel that Iolanthe, their seventh work together, is the most perfect of their collaborations.

Strephon, an Arcadian shepherd, wants to marry Phyllis, a Ward of Chancery. Phyllis does not know that Strephon is half fairy (his upper half — his legs are mortal!) and when she sees Strephon kissing a seemingly young woman, she assumes the worst. But her "rival" turns out to be none other than Strephon's own mother, Iolanthe, a fairy — fairies never grow old.

But Phyllis’s guardian, the Lord Chancellor, and half the peers in the House of Lords, are sighing after her. Soon the peers and the fairies are virtually at war, and long friendships are nearly torn asunder. But all is happily sorted out, thanks to the “subtleties of the legal mind.” (G & S Archive)


Laurence Cox
Musical Director
Reece Sauve
Sara Rivara
Stage Manager
Nan Dahlquist


The Lord Chancellor
Laurence Cox
Earl of Mountararat
Casey LeBold
Earl Tolloller
Tom Harper
Private Willis (of the Grenadier Guards)
Mike Mendyke
Strephon (an Arcadian Shepherd)
Carl Dahlquist
Queen of the Fairies
Morena Colombetti
Iolanthe (a Fairy, Strephon’s Mother)
Phoebe Gildea
Celia (a Fairy)
Rebecca Raccanelli
Leila (a Fairy)
Sheryl Wood
Fleta (a Fairy)
Dominique Garrison
Phyllis (an Arcadian Shepherdess and Ward of Chancery) 
Ireland McNeill

Nan Dahlquist, Jack Wattier, Aurea Taylor, Cathrine Huard, Jani VanPelt, Shirley Liu
Chase Reinhold, Maren Symonds, Riven Dederian, Henry Coates, Todd Fisher, Alex Hemsath, Rawdon Taylor
Lindsay Lefler, Mila Ortiz, Alex Hemsath, Henry Coates