Our Artistic Directors


Aaron Morrow

Senior Artistic Director

Aaron Morrow has lived and worked in the area for nearly 50 years, married to the love of his life, Lisa, for nearly 3 decades, and the proud father of two amazing humans, Emily and Max. A graduate of Newberg High School, Aaron jokingly refers to his advanced studies at HKU (Hard Knocks University) as the foundation for his vocational success in the fields of Finance, Professional/ Functional Training, and Information Technology, while enjoying a 25 year career in Banking and Finance.

Aaron’s roots in Aloha and Hillsboro, as well as his Christian faith (he is an ordained minister) and passion for service, fuel his desire to engage and contribute to the community. Aaron enjoys taking in the beautiful scenery of the area while hiking and biking, and the experiencing the amazing restaurants, wineries and craft breweries that dot the landscape. In addition, Aaron enjoys karaoke, playing (at) guitar, spending way too much time on social media, and spending time playing with his neurotic dogs.

As with many other thespians, Aaron’s journey in the theatre arts began in elementary school, as the Artful Dodger in Oliver, which led, inexorably, to his most recent theatrical endeavor as director of HART’s production of Nana’s Naughty Knickers by Katherine DiSavino. During the course of his dramatic journey he has been thrilled to experience the opportunity to act, direct, produce, stage manage, and serve on the Board of Directors for both Hillsboro Artists’ Regional Theatre and Beaverton Civic Theatre.


Sarah Ominski-Kearney

Artistic Director

Sarah is excited to bring a new energy to HART. She's always had a passion for the performing arts-- including shadow puppet shows, magic shows and dancing on the porch when she was a kid.

Moving to Portland with her parents and siblings as a teenager was one of her best experiences as the move opened up a whole world of professional theatre thanks to the incredible direction, tutelage and mentorship of Rae Mona Reynolds. Ms. Reynolds commanded respect and expected greatness from each of her students. Sarah hopes to pass that legacy of respect for the art and craft of professional theatre to future generations.

Sarah is so excited to be working as part of the leadership team at HART and is excited about the future possibilities. She's had the privilege of working with incredible people and directing with amazing actors and is looking forward to strengthening those bonds of friendship and camaraderie as we move forward to bring professional theatre to our audiences and community.

When she's not on stage or behind the scenes directing, Sarah enjoys reading, hiking and Yurting with her fiance Ed Kearney, swimming, spending time with her family and friends and working. Yes - she truly loves her job and employers! And in her spare time she serves as secretary for The Maxwell Society and is the Oregon commissioner for that group, and is on the steering committee for LOOP Troupe.

She has been blessed with an incredible family and she adores her 10 grand-babies. Basically, her family tree is a banyan tree with many many branches that intertwine and she wouldn't want it any other way.

I am looking forward to serving as your co-artistic director and am humbled and honored to work with each of you.