Audition at HART

Ripcord by David Lindsay-Abaire
Directed by Tony Broom

June 26 at 3PM and June 27 at 7:00PM
HART Theatre
185 SE Washington St. Hillsboro, OR

First rehearsal July 18, performances 3 weekends starting September 9.  

Who will get the window? At the Bristol Place Senior Living Facility, cantankerous Abby is forced to share her quarters with new arrival Marilyn. Abby is determined to rid herself of her relentlessly chipper roommate by any means necessary.  A seemingly harmless bet between the two women escalates into a hilarious game of one-upmanship that reveals the strengths of these worthy opponents, and their hidden vulnerabilities.

Casting for the Following Roles:
 Abby Binder, 60 plus
Marilyn Dunne, 60 plus
Scotty, resident aide, 25-35
Benjamin, Lewis and Clown, same actor 30s-40s
Colleen and Woman in White, same actor 30s-40s
Derek, Zombie Butler, same actor, 30s-40s

Please plan to stay for the entire audition.  It’s not necessary to attend both days.  A headshot and resume are helpful, but not required.  Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.  We are seeking a diverse cast.  All are encouraged to audition.       

 Roald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical Jr.
Directed by Don Cleland
Music Director: Kathleen Lacock
Choreographer: Amy Nelson

Open Auditions: July 11 and 28, 6:30pm (attend one)
HART Theatre
185 SE Washington St. Hillsboro, OR
Callbacks: July 31, 6:30pm (at director's discretion)
Parent Cast Meeting: August 11.  Rehearsals begin August 15, performances 3 weekends starting October 21.  

The age range for this production is 4th grade through 18 years old.

Performance dates will be Oct 21, 22, 28, , 29, Nov. 4, 5 at 7:30 pm.  Oct 23, 30 and Nov 6 at 2:30 pm.  Rehearsals are usually Monday thru Thursday at 6:30.  They will begin August 11. 

No need to have a prepared song or monologue.  
Please wear comfortable clothing and no flip flops.  

All roles are volunteer.  
If you absolutely cannot attend either of the auditions, let the director know and maybe an alternative audition can be worked out.  Donald’s email address is

Breakdown of characters:

Matilda Wormwood: The hero of the show.  She is brilliant, resilient, creative, and kind, despite growing up in a difficult circumstance.

Mr. Wormwood: Matilda’s father.  He is egotistical, rude and not very bright, not to mention a liar. He is mean to Matilda.  

Mrs. Wormwood: Matilda’s mother. She dislikes Matilda and does not understand why Matilda loves to read. She is selfish and obsessed with her own appearance.  

Michael: Matilda’s brother.  He is not very bright, though he is the apple of his father’s eye.  

Mrs. Phelps: The kind librarian who loves hearing Matilda’s stories.

Escapologist and Acrobat: Characters of Matilda’s creation. 

Miss Honey: A teacher at Matilda’s school.  She is kind, generous and really cares about her students.

Agatha Trunchbull: The headmistress.  She runs her school like a dictator.  Very mean and terrifying.  

There are a number of other named characters who are students at the school and a couple of other characters.  

Ensemble: Mostly non speaking roles that make up the chorus.  These actors will most likely play various roles.  

Please let the director know if you have any questions.

We are seeking a diverse cast.  All are encouraged to audition.