Audition at HART

 Inspecting Carol
Directed by Satish Bharadvaj
Performances:  December 2,3,4,9,10,11,16,17,18

Open Auditions: Thursday Sept 29 6:30-8:30pm and Sunday Oct 1, 1-3pm (attend one)
Auditions held at Hillsboro Christian Church 540 SE Edison
Rehearsals begin October 3

Breakdown of characters (ages are guidelines):

Zorah Bloch – Founding director of The Soapbox Playhouse. In her 40’s. Extremely self-concerned. 

Sidney Carlton – In his 60’s. A founding member of the Company. Kind but somewhat addled. Plays Marley and Fezziwig. 

Dorothy Tree Hapgood – His wife. In her 60’s. English and unable to lose her accent. A founding member. Plays Mrs. Cratchit and Mrs. Fezziwig. 

Larry Vauxhall – In his 40’s. Tough, intellectually vain Child of the ‘60’s, still looking for a turn-on. A founding member. 

Phil Hewlitt – In his 40’s. Small, obsessive, usually plays the ineffectual character in any Soapbox production. A founding Member. Plays Bob Cratchit. 

Walter E. Parsons – African-American in his 30’s. Recently taken up acting again after a stint in the armed forces. Good natured, excitable. Plays the Three Ghosts. 

Luther Beatty – A large eleven-year old. He’s been playing Tiny Tim two years too long. Extremely friendly. 

Kevin Emery – A nervous man in the impossible position of managing director. In his 40’s. Afraid of Zorah. 

M.J. (Mary Jane) McMann – in her 40’s. A realist. She long ago realized that the Company hit bottom. She looks on now as a bemused observer. Founding member and the company Stage Manager. 

Betty Andrews – In her 40’s. An inspector for the National Endowment for the Arts. A forbidding appearance. 

Bart Frances – A pleasant youth. Dresses in a motorcycle jacket and torn jeans. Plays Caroler, Petitioner, Fred, Young Scrooge, Peter Cratchit, Topper, Ignorance. 

Wayne Wellacre – In his 30’s, in search of a new career in acting, no training, even less talent, affable, eager to please. 

We are seeking a diverse cast.  All are encouraged to audition.