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HART is a volunteer-based community theatre. There is no pay or stipend.


HART is a volunteer based company. There is no pay for this production.

Brighton Beach Memoirs by Neil Simon
Directed by: Harrison Butler
Performances: February 17th - March 3rd, 2024

Contact the director with any questions at:

When: Saturday, December 2nd 12p – 3p and
             Sunday, December 3rd, 2023 - 10a - Noon
             *Possible Callbacks on Wednesday, December 6th, 2023 6-8p
*callbacks are for actors who auditioned at the open auditions and directors want to look at again. Please do not attend unless the director has asked you to, or you have made special arrangements prior with the director.

Location: HART Theater - 185 SE Washington St. Hillsboro, OR 97123 (2 blocks from MAX Stop)

Audition Requirements:

Auditions will be round robin style reading sides from the play. Sides will be available after November 1st, 2023. Please email for a copy of the sides.


Eugene Jerome – Boy (14-18) Eugene is almost fifteen years old and is the youngest child in an extended Polish Jewish family living in Brooklyn, New York. Eugene is going through adolescence, and finding that his life is complicated by the onset of puberty and his cousins moving into his family's home, both of which occur at the same time. Going through puberty is complicated by his feelings for his older cousin, Nora, who is beautiful, sexy and charismatic as taken as he is with Nora, he is equally annoyed with Laurie, his other cousin, who is largely incapacitated. He ends up having to do both Laurie's share of chores and his own which he quietly resents. Eugene wants to be a professional baseball player, and this dream occupies most of his thoughts.

Kate Jerome – Woman (40's) Kate is an archetypal Jewish mother. She is around forty years old, vibrant, capable and the wearer of the pants in the Jerome household. Kate keeps the family together and also makes sure that everyone is pulling their weight in the home, aside from Laurie whom never asks anything of because of her heart palpitations. Kate knows what she thinks is right and will not deviate from her beliefs or opinions. One of these opinions is that her sister should not date their neighbor because he has an alcohol problem which she hugely disapproves of.

Jack Jerome – Man (40's) Jack is finding the influx of relatives into his home extremely stressful and it is also detrimental to his health, not because he finds it hard to get along with the family - generally he seems to like them and get along well with them at home - but because their moving in has created a financial issue within the household, and has to take on a second, stressful job in order to bring enough money home to support everyone. His primary job is also very stressful and consequently his health is being negatively affected by the familial changes he is experiencing. Although he is the "man of the house" he is largely managed by his wife. Jack is an honorable, hard-working man who feels a huge responsibility to take care of his family.

Stanley Jerome – Man (17-25) Stanley has just turned eighteen as is already finding that the workplace is not always a fun place, at least, not when you are the youngest employee and your boss is a tyrant. He has recently stood up to his boss and this has not gone down well at his job. He is experiencing some difficulties and worries that he might lost his job, which is worrying since the wage he brings in is something that his family have come to rely upon. He and Eugene have a traditional sibling relationship, in that they bicker and are rivals but also feel a strong bond and loyalty to each other.

Laurie Morton – Girl (12-16) Laurie is the younger of the Morton sisters. She is Eugene's cousin and has recently moved into his home because of her father's death. Laurie has heart palpitations and although she is probably perfectly capable of helping around the house, uses her medical issues as a reason for sitting out chores. She is a source of continual annoyance to Eugene and the two do not have an easy relationship.

Aunt Blanche Morton – Woman (Late 30's) Aunt Blanche is recently widowed. She is also a little deaf, which makes communicating with her a bit of a hit and miss affair. She has decided that the best way to get over losing her husband is to begin dating again and the object of her desires is the family's next door neighbor, of whom Kate is extremely disapproving because of his issues with drinking. This does not seem to put Aunt Blanche off dating him and this determination causes more than a little friction in the family.

Synopsis: Eugene Jerome is fifteen years old and all he thinks about is becoming a professional baseball player. He is Polish-Jewish and lives in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in the Great Depression, Eugene spends much of his early teens trying to figure out his role in his large extended family; he lives with his parents Kate and Jack, and older brother, Stanley, as well as his Aunt Blanche, and his cousins Nora and Laurie, who moved in after Eugene's Uncle's death. The new living arrangements are stressful for everyone, but nobody feels this stress more than Jack, because he has to take on a second job in order to support the entire family. Cousin Laurie doesn't work, either inside or outside the home, because she has a heart murmur, and consequently everyone is frightened to ask her to do anything. Her presence is a constant source of annoyance to Eugene because he has to pick up her portion of the chores around the house; as soon as he gets home from school he is required to set the table, set out water glasses, and help his mother with dinner. As annoying as Eugene finds Laurie, he finds his cousin Nora entrancing. Her moving into his family's home coincides with the onset of puberty for Eugene, and throughout the play he is entranced by her, and has a huge crush on her. It is a time of sexual awakening for Eugene, who is trying desperately to find himself as he feels that he is getting more and more lost in the craziness of his house. Eugene's older brother, Stanley, is experiencing troubles at his job. He makes the mistake of standing up to his boss, who is a tyrant, and not easily stood up to. This adds worry to the family's life because they need the financial contribution from Stanley to help them get by. Aunt Blanche, on the other hand, is trying to move forward by starting to date again. Specifically she is interested in dating the family's next door neighbor, but Kate thinks this is a horrible idea because the man is a drunk. The play's plot follows Eugene's adolescence which is at the same time both incredibly stressful and incredibly ordinary; it is the way in which he remembers it and shares it with the audience that makes it special.

Important Notice

If you absolutely cannot attend one of the open audition dates due to vacation, but really want to, email by November 1st.