Artistic Director

HART is looking for a new Artistic Director

HART is a volunteer run community theatre  seeking a volunteer Artistic Director!  HART is located in Hillsboro Oregon where it has been a cornerstone of the community for over 25 years.  Come and join the HART Theatre team and be part of continuing to build a strong arts district in Hillsboro.

How to Apply

In order to apply for the Artistic Director position, please submit a resume and cover letter explaining why you think you would be a good fit for the HART community to  References may be requested.

Interviews will be held on August  24 and the second week of September with HART board and community members.  If these dates are in conflict, please reach out and will work to accommodate as we are able to.

Artistic Director Job Description

The Artistic Director (AD) at HART Theatre provides leadership for all artistic elements of HART and is central to HART’s success as a community theatre.

1. The AD will be a member of the Board. This requires attendance at all regularly scheduled EB and Board meetings. An AD report will be presented at each Board meeting.

2. The AD will appoint up to two Assistant ADs as needed who will perform any part of the AD’s responsibilities. At least one assistant AD is recommended to ensure continuity at the point of change in ADs. The AD will remain ultimately responsible for assistant(s) AD contributions.

3. The Board will establish the theme for the upcoming season, including the number of productions, type of plays, basic scheduling, etc. by September prior to the new season, within which the AD will develop the new season.

4. The AD will be the Chair of the Artistic Direction Committee. This standing committee will have responsibility to support the production and selection of plays, including but not limited to, reviewing potential plays, assisting the AD, identifying potential cautionary warnings, providing play summaries for the website and season brochures, and supporting directors. The AD will present the Committee’s recommendations for upcoming seasons to the Board for approval by February prior to the start of the new season.

5. The AD will work with the Finance Committee to develop a specific budget for the upcoming season and for each play to be produced in time for the information to be included in the relevant budget.

6. The AD will hire and supervise all directors and direct one show per season. The AD will inform the directors of the theatre’s policy favoring open auditions. The office will obtain any necessary background checks as requested.

7. The AD will schedule an initial meeting for each show with the director and other necessary individuals prior to auditions. At or before this meeting, the Director’s Packet (maintained by the AD with the assistance of the office) and the budget for the show will be given to the director and all schedules will be finalized. The office will be provided with a copy of the final schedule.

8. The AD will attend all auditions and random rehearsals, assist the director as needed. The AD will review the cast list before it is announced and will have veto power over any actors selected who might adversely affect the reputation of HART. The AD will have the power to replace any director during the production period or cast member if they are not performing to a level that’s meets HART’S professionalism.

9. The AD and the office will assist the directors in arranging volunteers for set design, construction, props, tech, etc.

10. The AD is responsible for timely submission of Call Board announcements, press releases, photo shoots, etc.

11. The AD needs to be prepared to assume duties over all productions if a director has not been selected or the director becomes unable to perform their duties.

12. The AD is the face of HART in the public, is required to attend and network with other arts organizations, to increase HART’S visibility in the community and to encourage collaboration opportunities.

13. The AD will represent HART at events, public and social appearances.