Light Up the Sky

By Moss Hart

Directed by Mark Putnam

Light Up the Sky takes place in the hotel room of Broadway actress Miss Irene Livingston, prior to the opening of a new play in an out-of-town tryout. Over the course of the evening – and thus, over the course of the play – we follow a truck-driver-turned-playwright watching his first play being produced in Boston. This backstage comedy features the grandly temperamental leading lady; her sarcastic, gin-rummy-playing mother; the flamboyant director; the lowbrow producer; and his ice-skating, wisecracking wife. The opening night seems to go awry and the producer, cast, etc., believe it is a flop and turn against one another, against the producer and especially against their unlikely author. When it turns out that the reviews are favorable, however, the tables turn, and we see how easily show business people can go from friends to enemies to friends, once more.

Performing July 12 – July 28, 2019

Cast List

Ms. Lowell – Rebecca Rowland-Hines

Carleton Fitzgerald – Tyler Hulegaard

Frances Black – Kira Smolev

Ellen/Owen Turner – Phyllis Gurian-Lang

Stella Livingston – Kathleen Silloway

Peter Sloan – Jason Fox

Sidney Black – Les Ico

Irene Livingston – Karen Huckfeldt

Tyler Rayburn – Dwayne Thurnau

William Gallagher – Steve Horton

Sven/Shriner/Plain Clothes Policeman – Francis Kohler