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YA classes back at HART!

YA classes this summer at HART!

Young Actors’ Summer Theatre (YAST)

YAST is a two-week program in which the actors are involved in exploring their creative side through theatre games and activities. This they will do for about half the time. The other half they are creating an original play which will be performed free to the public the last day of class.

Due to the nature of the improvisational performance the actors do not have to memorize a script and they have the ability to be creative with lines, characters, scenario and costumes. The improvisational aspect also allows the course to be geared towards all ability levels. YAST is not just for kids who show a natural talent in performing. Donald is very good at differentiating the program to meet the needs of the different ability levels and helping each and every actor feel comfortable working at his/her level.

In addition to learning about theatre and acting, our goals are to help the kids feel more creative and at ease in speaking and performing in front of others. Donald Cleland, the creator and director of YAST, also stresses the cooperative nature of theatre, thus teaching kids to work well with people and enjoy the talents of others.

History of YAST:

HART’s Young Actors’ Summer Theatre was created by Director Donald Cleland 27 years ago. In the first year of YAST Donald taught it in Hillsboro. The next year he moved it to Forest Grove where it was held at Theatre in the Grove for 19 years. Donald then moved it to HART so he could serve the children in the town where he lives. After being absent from HART’s auspices for a few years, it is now back and Donald couldn’t be more excited!

Donald grew up in Hillsboro and taught school in the district before retiring. He has worked with children’s theatre for almost 40 years, as well as performed on local stages in many theatrical productions. Donald looks forward to continuing to perform on stage, whether it is at HART or other community theatre venues. He and his wife, Sonja, raised their 3 sons in this town and are deeply committed to bringing the arts to the families of Hillsboro.

Class Dates & Times:

Session 1
*Grades 2 – 5
8:30 to Noon

Session 2
*Grades 6 – 12
12:30 to 4:00

*Grades refer to grade child will be entering in the fall of 2016.

Fee:   to be determined
Registration for classes will open later this year.